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Republic of Texas Responses

A Mr. Sam Blumenfeld, a Jew apparently by name has responded to the Watchman Report announcement on the Republic of Texas sovereignty that was never ceded. The respondant is an educator and columnist from New York. I recieved a very educational response from the Republic of Texas PR office and wanted to share it with you. While it may do nothing for those such as Blumenfeld, it may educate some of our own.

As you can see in the response of the Jew, he sends his article "How to Remake the Republican Party". The Jew merely wants us to support more programs and the funding of socialist takeover of the USA using the Republican party. 

Reply from the Republic of Texas:

A New World Order sock puppet, none other than Mitt Romney whom he, Mr. Blumenfeld,  supports, who was just as bad if not worse than Obama of a fraudster, law breaker, Republican party rules breaker, last-second illegal rules changes, ballot stuffing and counting fraud, a usurper and cheater and condoner of literal violent mafia goon style bone breaking tactics of dozens of people by his "Mormon Mafia" and Republican Party establishment hacks people defrauding of hundreds and even thousands more of duly elected Ron Paul delegates, by a majority of supporters. This being all documented, of those Ron Paul people present at the various states' local, precinct, district, regional and state level conventions and caucuses in many states who were all certified victors as delegates. But they were illegally thrown out of the subsequent next level conventions and caucauses, sometimes arrested and charged with "crimes" by local corrupt police the Republican establishment hired as "security thugs", and replaced later by secret Republican Party state  "committees" with Mitt Romney  cronies and supporters as "delegates" not lawfully or duly elected by the majority of the people/delegates who were present at these conventions and caucuses. And many of whom these unlawful "delegates" selected later by the various RP committees later were actually Mitt Romney people who had actually lost their election as a candidate for position of delegate to the Ron Paul supported person who was actually duly elected to the position as delegate to the next level of convention by the majority of the qualified people/delegates voting that were present.

And at the National RNC convention in Tampa this past August, it was even worse, with many hundreds of duly elected Ron Paul delegates from many states who had made it to the convention and constituted majorities of delegates in at least 12 states, more than enough to secure a nomination for Ron Paul as a potential nominee along with Romney as a presidential candidate to be considered by the floor of the RNC convention, were all by the hundreds (at least 500) either railroaded out of the convention and replaced by Romney cronies and supporters as "delegates" for their state, instead of the duly lawfully elected Ron Paul ones. Or they cheated and arbitrarily changed the rules to give Romney the RNC's favored candidate himself the power to reject any delegate elected and select the delegates he wanted who would vote for him and they on the corrupt RNC committee also gave Romney absolute power to change any rule himself that he didn't like to ensure his "nomination" as presidential candidate of choice by the Republican Party.

Romney took all this raw absolute power given to him unprecedented in history of the RP since its founding at the time of Lincoln in 1856, and corruptly replaced wholesale hundreds of Ron Paul Delegates remaining at the RNC. Still in spite of all this there was 200-300 Ron Paul Delegates remaining and Romney then also corruptly and arbitrarily changed the long standing since the time of Lincoln 5-state rule of requirement of a plurality or majority of delegates in a minimum of 5 states to nominate a candidate for consideration as the party nominee for president or vice president. After 6 states + 1 U.S. territory (Virgin Islands) submitted their officially certified petitions on the floor to the RNC Chairman Reince Priebus stating that a majority of delegates from their state submitted Ron Paul's name into nomination, Priebus the committee chairman refused to recognize this on national TV and Romney immediately interrupted and instantly on the spot changed the 5-state rule into an 8-state rule in order to deny Ron Paul a nomination on the ballot alongside him and the right to speak at the convention.

If Ron Paul had been allowed to speak at the convention, Romney and the RNC establishment committee feared that Ron Paul would sway enough delegates among the Romney supporters and thereby wrest the nomination away from Romney on the 1st ballot and throw the RNC into a brokered convention, whereby Ron Paul would almost certainly have won the nomination on the 2nd or subsequent ballots.  
Reince Priebus the RNC chairman coward that he is, and a complete fraudster and crook just as much as Romney is, just stood there and allowed all this to happen and then announce Mitt Romney "the winner" and failed to stop this totally blatant on national TV for everyone to see fraud and shenanigan to cheat, lie and steal the nomination for president away from Paul. Mitt Romney did not win the nomination, he ignored the votes of hundreds of delegates of the will of the people who elected them, replaced many of them with fraud and coercion and illegal "disqualification" and cheated his way into a criminally fraudulent, publicly observable on national TV sham and before everyone there a farce was allowed to proceed by the criminal treasonous Priebus of an installment into power of his fellow seditious criminal treasonist "comrade" Romney as the "selected" Republican Party nominee of "their" (the RNC committee) preference.

Priebus and his RNC even said at the convention by eye witness reports of many people there, that the votes of the 6 states' delegates on protocol, procedure and their votes on nominations of candidates don't count and don't matter, that the RNC committee (and Romney himself) would decide the rules and the selection of the nominee. And, except for the two to three hundred Ron Paul supporters and delegates left on the floor that objected and booed they were all drowned out by Romney supporters and a complicit compliant corrupt media turning the cameras and mics away on que, while all the rest of supposedly honest "Christian" people there and on TV who saw and watched all this who were Romney supporters, they all just stood by dumbfounded, mesmerized and condoned this and did not object at any point and went along with all of it, and did nothing to stop it but jubilantly celebrated for "their man" in wild cheering sessions. Anarchy, not the Rule of Law.

Romney also took money for his campaign , million of dollars, while on a illegal campaign junket trip to the state of Israel, from wealthy Jewish backers who were Israeli citizens and foreign nationals not U.S. citizens, a very serious felony under U.S. law he totally disregarded, and it was blatantly in-your-face reported in the mainstream press and alternative media as well, yet nothing was done to prosecute Romney by the FBI, Congress, the so-called Justus Dept. or A.G. Eric Holder, upon his return. Romney belongs in the Jail House, not the White House.

And Romney is every bit as bad and corrupt, crooked and as much of a cheater and fraudster as Obama who's turned the White House into an evil corrupted deep darked stained Black House, or maybe a Whore House, what with all the foreign and corporate U.S military-industrial-security-banking complex lobbyists interests and multi-billionaire "agents of influence" doing their bidding with their filthy lucre, like Soros, Murdoch, ADL, SPLC, AIPAC, LULAC, La-Raza Unida, etc., and his wife Michelle Obama and all her junkets at Government expense to fly all over the world on shopping trips and sprees. The Israeli Lobby, the Republican establishment and Karl Rove and Dick Cheney all tried to help Romney along with his son Tagg Romney at Bain Capital commit election fraud and win the election on this past November 6th to throw it against Obama by Bain Capital and his "Mormon Mafia" pals buying up ownership of all the Diebold voting machines and rig the software in each state that counts the votes in all the numerous "battleground" states targeted.

But, as it turned out, Obama and George Soros proved to be an even bigger cheaters and fraudsters than Romney in all the "battleground" states by  their "Chicago Mafia" and Democratic Party machine contracting out the national level vote counting on election night to a Spanish company called Cintra, in Madrid Spain, to hack into the voting machines by the C.I.A. front group "Anonymous" to neutralize Romney's vote fraud efforts and "flip" them all from Romney back to Obama, in many cases of hundreds of precincts reported that 100% of the votes in Philadelphia, Ohio, Chicago and elsewhere were for Obama, a statistical impossibility even in heavily Democratic districts. They also accomplished and pulled off this massive election fraud by getting teams of Obama youth out months in advance of the election to various numerous precinct locations all over the country and create dozens of fraudulent duplicate ballots of single registration early voter cards of dozens of illegal aliens with no id, poor and destitute homeless people and college students who needed extra money and some of whom were perhaps legitimate citizens qualified and eligible to vote, but even though some of the voter registrations might have been legitimate with their single ballot, the dozens of duplicate ballots they paid and bribed these people to fill out and vote dozens of times were then subsequently turned in to the various states' election commissions and bureaus.

All the early voting ballots, both legitimate and illegitimate, were then turned into the state elections commissioners who were required by state law to put them into blue bags and sealed as sacrosanct and not to be opened until election day and all required to be presumed legitimate votes. The voter registration cards were also turned in but the states' legal procedures required that the state officials duly record in their computers the legitimate or illegitimate voter registration cards as all presumably legitimate, but filed away in a separate location than the now separated multiple duplicate voter ballots casting the early vote, all neatly stuffed and sealed into the blue bags.

In this way, Obama created tens of millions more of total additional non-existent voters' votes for himself than there were total number of registered voters in the various counties' or states' voter registrar's office in their Democratic Party predesignated Northern "liberal" "battleground" states where the voter id and registration laws are either very lax or the Obama "Justice" Department succeeded in challenging and got numerous state voter registration or id laws overturned as "unconstitutional" or delayed their implementation this election cycle such as he did in Pennsylvania.

And of these tens of millions of extra fraudulent non-existent "voters" who supposedly all voted for Obama, this was apparently enough to put him over the top in the electoral college count where it mattered at the national level. In those in every "Red" state which Romney "won", Obama did not succeed in getting their much stricter voter id and registration laws overturned or changed in time in those states, and it is apparently the reason why he did not "win" those states too. But by Obama's Chicago Mafia and Obama Youth very clever manipulation of states' voter registration and early voting ballots laws well in advance of the election, he was able to assure that though massive voter and election fraud would be suspected, that it would be impossible to prove it in a court of law because no one would be legally able because of voter privacy laws to access and inspect the tens of millions of blue bag ballots to see how they voted after the election and compare the results to the legitimate voter registration cards.

And even if criminal investigators could individually inspect all the ballots cast and compare them to the voter registrations, it would be impossible to determine the difference between which of the ballots were legitimate and which were not and then have a court overturn the election results, and even if they could do that, the election laws require in most states that the ballots be destroyed after a certain period of time, because by delaying tactics of his lawyers in actions in the court, of his Just-Us  "Justice" Dept. Obama can thwart any potential criminal investigation that could prove it by stretching out and delaying proceedings until after the statutes of limitations expire in the various states for destruction of ballots to ensure privacy of the voter's vote under the U.S. and state elections laws. Ahhhh!!!! The "perfect crime" committed by Obama and his cronies.     

Romney is every much of a fascist, treasonous tyrant, criminal and vote rigger ballot fraudster and cheater as Obama is, and that's the kind of president and "crony capitalism" dictator not fit for office, and ignoring all the elections laws and the will of the voters/people, that he would have been if he had won considering what he did to Ron Paul and his supporters, but on election day of November 6th, 2012, it appears that Obama was an even bigger cheater than Romney was and outperformed him in all the other above categories as well. And it has also now just come out that Obama apparently cheated John McCain in 2008 the same way and that McCain actually won the election in the November 2008 vote in the all important electoral college count but it is now too late to challenge that and prove it in a court of law since all those fraudulent ballots as potential evidence have now also been most likely destroyed, or still sealed up and inaccessible to criminal investigators and law enforcement. 

You might say that Romney got snookered, and it serves him right after what he did to Ron Paul and all those Independents, Democrats and conservatives and Libertarians who all switched their registration into the Republican Party and who supported him until the very end, but abandoned the Republican Party in droves, by the millions of potential voters that the Republican Party could have welcomed and tried to work with them instead of kick them out of conventions and caucuses and treat them all with utter contempt and disdain like they did. And so they all either stayed home or voted for the Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson instead. Romney and the Republican establishment  screwed themselves, and they deserve it. What goes around comes back around. And then again, Romney was like the boxer who "took a dive" and "threw the match" because he was well paid to "make a good show of it" but slink off quietly back into the sunset without a whimper after his "loss". The Republicans never validly "nominated" Romney and elected him as their candidate for president according to election law or even by RNC rules, and they never intended for him in the first place to get victory in the "election" over Obama. It was all a fraudulent dog and pony show made to look like good theater and give the appearance of legitimacy to the clueless American people, Republican or Democrat, Liberal or conservative, by "throwing the match" regardless of how the legitimate voters actually voted. It will be impossible for us to ever know who actually "won" and it would not matter anyway, its all a prearranged "selection" sham "in the matrix" for John Q. Public's and Joe Sixpack's and Janet Eyeshadow's benefit, nothing else.        

The "solutions" Blumenfeld promotes on phonics in children's education by us the people wasting more of our precious little time we have left with petitioning the corrupt Republican party politicos just as bad as Obama and the Democrats to "remake the Republican party" for more legislation to be promoted and introduced in the coming succeeding election cycles and over many many more years and years of time to attempt to convince us fools of the people they deem us to be to waste even more of our time on non-real unproductive solutions to get the change we need to overthrow this corrupt two-party system, and is outright laughable if it weren't so pathetic and useless of an endeavor at this level.

Phonics in learning reading skills for young children is certainly a very good idea Mr. Blumenfeld promotes to raise the dumbed down illiteracy non-skills of our youth. But this is not what either the corrupt Republican party nor the corrupt Democratic party want, it is their long term communistic zionistic agenda as espoused by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in their Communist Manifesto and in the plutocrat's Protocols of the Elders of Zion, to destroy America by precisely implementing policies at every level of government and the public fool s..., er, excuse me, ahem!,  public school system, for inducing the desired result of non-literacy.

His proposal while good in concept is a designed time waster and yet another diversionary tactic to distract us from the task at hand of what really needs to be done now, until it is too late for anything else and the New World Order can finish overthrowing the government and enslaving the rest of us people into concentration "re-education" camps and/or death camps for those who won't "comply" and consolidate and complete their grip on absolute power and control over all of us unto complete utter tyranny and despotism and total enslavement or death.

Mr. Blumenfeld is "barking up the wrong tree". What he needs to do instead is stop begging permission from government of all these corrupt Republican and Democrat masonic Illuminati NWO sycophants of government and all those like politicians running for election every cycle on all their bogus time wasting promises for "reform" and "change" that never happens or never will happen. Instead what he needs to do instead is go directly to the people (not government at any level) at the local community level and then incite, urge, advocate and move for them with all his programs themselves to have the parents yank their children en-masse out of all the public schools and to set up and run local home schools themselves with their neighbors to teach them phonics, along with real reading, writing and arithmetic skills, proper English grammar and real advanced math and science skills and not "fuzzy math".

That is the only way for Mr. Blumenfeld or anyone else with ideas like that, if he/they really wants to be useful, is to get on the ball and go directly to the people themselves, without first seeking government permission from corrupt politicians and corrupt officeholders and corrupt vote-rigged election/"selection" candidates who will always be put into a dichotomy of false choice with the vote rigged "selection" process instead; and then he and anyone else motivated should teach the people directly to stop seeking and begging government permission or dependency for everything they do or want, and instruct them then to get on the ball and just do it on their own and procure home schooling curricula themselves without seeking permission from government first, nor procrastinating and delaying and not doing anything about it at all but complaining and begging government and politicians even more about the sorry plight of their children.

Anything else, including starting another war in the Middle East with Gaza, Iran, Syria, or anywhere else on the planet like North Korea, etc., is just a time waster and a diversionary distraction process for false rah-rah-rah type "patriotism" to whip the people up into a frenzy and panic/fear of something to get the peoples' minds off of the real problems of the economy and its impending collapse, the pending dollar collapse, the impending martial law declaration of some concocted "homeland security 'patriot act" NDAA indefinite detention national emergency" or "other civil disturbance". And, this is  especially designed to get the people's minds off of the most critical and important issue of all they should be focusing on and not allow themselves to be distracted again, the pending and soon-to-be imminent secession movement of all the states from this wicked crooked rotten unfixable corpse of government, as the ONLY and the ultimate real solution and last resort peaceful remedy the people have left, or its otherwise armed revolution time or submit themselves all to total abject slavery and population reduction agendas and death of the satanic New World Order and bow down and worship government and Satan as your master if they let you live at all.

Those are the choices the people have left and Secession/Withdraw from this stinking rotten so-called "perpetual" but hopelessly corrupted unrevivable non-restorable now dead  "Union" is the only rational sane realistic lawful remedy they have left, and the powers that be, the plutocrats and wealthy Zionist banker elite, know it, that is why they are desperately doing what they're now doing with certain "conservative" figures and attempting to distract everyone else from the ONLY real solution left at this time, and trying to even undermine this grass roots secession movement of the people with their pundits offering "secession from D.C. (District of Criminals) with the purpose to reconstitute the Union", with the same old criminals and corrupt government NWO politicians and officials and elite hijacking and running it, to "limit" its effect and put the same old sham unnoticed right back in place.

No, the people themselves need to take the power back into their own hands themselves, not rely upon any government or political or elite so-called leaders, and do it themselves this last final time, and select and place their own people of themselves as representatives to govern themselves directly and totally cast off and divorce the beast in D.C. permanently make it into a uninhabited park or wilderness for the birds or something with a central monument for viewers and visitors there to the corruption rot, decay and total wickedness of that now desolate forsaken place, and the "states" exist from that point on out as up to 50 or less smaller totally independent nations as constitutional republics and not "democracies" with all the power in the people's hands to get rid of and impeach and imprison or execute for treason any more corrupt dual citizen dual loyalist politicians or representatives in each one, and they can also then make treaties of commerce and trade or alliances of friendship for their mutual protection and benefit with one or more of the other nation-states as they wish, but NO MORE UNIONS OR CONFEDERACIES OF STATES THAT BINDS THEM TO SOME CENTRAL AUTHORITY OUTSIDE THEIR BORDERS.

The best model of this is Texas leading the way because they had the best most independent nation and form of government at that time with their well designed and brilliant 1836 Constitution of the Republic of Texas, which was about at least 20-30 times stronger than the U.S. Constitution ever was for the protection of the inalienable common law natural law rights of its Sovereign Citizens, and with a few amendments of the 1836 Constitution to update it to our times, Texas could lead the way for an ideal model constitution for the rest of the now remaining independent North American nation-states in the 21st century, approaching Father Yahweh's Idea and Plan for His perfect Millennial Kingdom government. Nothing else will do.      

From: "" <>
Sent: Sunday, November 25, 2012 1:46 AM
Subject: Re: GOOD NEWS, The Nation of Texas never ceded, no need to secceed :-)

I hope you agree with my proposal on how to remake the Republican Party.
An Open Letter to Republican Leaders
By Samuel Blumenfeld
As a conservative Republican, I was greatly disappointed by the defeat of Gov. Mitt Romney in his bid for the Presidency.  I considered him to be the logical and sensible choice between a radical community organizer with a dismal record of governance and a seasoned entrepreneur with executive political experience capable of reviving the American economy. The choice could not have been clearer.  But a little more than half the voting public didn’t see it that way.
What caused Romney’s loss?  Having spent the last forty years writing about the failures of our education system, it seems to me that much of public ignorance about simple economics is the result of wholesale miseducation, and it is obvious that miseducation affects how people vote. 
Also, the changing demographics of the U.S. population means that there are many Americans who do not know how this country was founded and have not read the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the United States.  They only know the “now” of American culture.  Without knowing our historical past, they have no sense of the future. 
Our Founding Fathers had a profound sense of the future, and they often spoke of their posterity and how what they were doing would affect many future generations.  They had a long-range view of the future.  But we Republicans are guilty of having tolerated an education system controlled by secular progressives that has destroyed the future for millions of young Americans.  We have been critical of the public schools, but our solution has been to get our own children out of them.   
But this has got to change.  We can no longer afford public schools that refuse to teach all children to read. We cannot afford the luxury of widespread illiteracy if we are to compete in the global economy.
In 1988, Arthur Sulzberger, publisher of the New York Times, told his fellow newspaper publishers:  “Today up to 60 million Americans—one third of the adult population—cannot read their local newspaper.  As we edge closer to the 21st century, life is becoming more complex and will become more difficult for adults who cannot read.”
In 2003, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) reported that only 13 percent of American adults are highly literate, 56 percent have intermediate literacy skills, and that 43 percent of American adults are virtually illiterate.  How can we continue to tolerate this Progressive-induced insanity?
In 2007, the National Endowment for the Arts released its own survey of literacy in the United States.  According to its report, Reading at Risk, the number of 17-year-olds who never read for pleasure increased from 9 percent in 1984 to 19 percent in 2004.  Almost half of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 never read books for pleasure.  Endowment chairman, Dana Gioia, commented: “This is a massive social problem.  We are losing the majority of the new generation. They will not achieve anything close to their potential because of poor reading.”
In other words, we are talking about a huge illiterate or semi-literate underclass in the United States, most of whom live in our urban areas.  They were made that way by our public schools! Generally they have little interest in politics and don’t vote. But sometimes they do vote, and that’s what they did in this last election.  Trained community organizer Barack Obama knew how to get these illiterates to the polls, and it made the difference in some crucial counties.
So what are we Republicans to do?  If we want to win future national elections, we have got to stop the creation of new illiterates by the public schools and help adult illiterates learn to read.  We must become the party of universal literacy.  This can be done by launching a Campaign for Universal Literacy.  The Party that abolished slavery ought to be able to abolish illiteracy.
We can abolish illiteracy by promoting the adoption of a reading program that teaches everybody to read.  I produced such a program.  It is called Alpha-Phonics, and since the 1980s it has been used by thousands of homeschoolers to teach their children to read.  If a parent can do the job at home, why can’t a teacher do it in the classroom? 
Noah Webster, back in the early days of the republic, made America the most literate nation on earth with his little Blue-Backed Speller.  We can do the same today with Alpha-Phonics, provided we use the power of the Republican Party to mobilize an army of young conservative activists to get these books into the hands of those who need them most: the parents of failing children. This is also a way to bring new members into the party from a large group of citizens who would welcome our attention and concern. We cannot ignore a third of our citizens who desperately need our help. Indeed, we can change America by providing that help.
Such a Campaign for Universal Literacy would be the noblest endeavor ever undertaken by a political party. It would give Republicans the opportunity to help millions of illiterate Americans, young and old, learn to read.  By making this end run around the Democrats and their educationist allies, we would not only give millions of citizens the priceless gift of literacy, but also enable them to read the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.
Our Founding Fathers embarked on the noblest political enterprise in all of human history when they created a form of government based on principles that gave human beings the freedom to create the greatest, richest, and most successful nation in all of history.  This legacy also belongs to those millions of children who cannot read our founding documents because our secular progressive schools have turned them into illiterates.  This has got to stop!
The Republican Party abolished slavery.  It should now launch a campaign to abolish illiteracy!
Sam Blumenfeld is the author of ten books on education, including: The New Illiterates, How to Tutor, NEA: Trojan Horse in American Education, Is Public Education Necessary? and Alpha-Phonics: A Primer for Beginning Readers.  He welcomes your comments:    781-354-2040

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